Accomplishments to Date


Sustainability Mission Statement
Brentwood Originals is committed to a business strategy that will protect the natural environment in which we all live. Our goal is to transition our operations toward environmentally sustainable practices through thoughtful management, targeted capital expenditures, and by seeking independent monitoring and advice on practical, economic and established means to achieve this goal.

It is our intent to minimize our carbon footprint in a transparent, expeditious and efficient manner. We will enthusiastically participate with our retail partners in their efforts to build sustainable business practices into their sourcing structures. Our success in partnering with these key customers is done with the sound business intent of solidifying these relationships. The suppliers that show a willingness to innovate, change, evolve and partner are the suppliers that will be chosen for growth in a very competitive environment. It is Brentwood's strategy to be one of those chosen and to be an active participant in pursuing environmentally friendly operations for the benefit of all.

Sustainability Achievements
Brentwood Originals is a proud member of Climate Leaders Small Business Network. Climate change is a problem that is affecting people and the environment. Climate Leaders is an EPA industry-government partnership that works with companies to develop comprehensive climate change strategies. This commits us to a reduction in our carbon footprint over a five year window. Brentwood Originals is currently the only company in our industry that is a member.

Participating companies commit to reduce their impact on the global environment by completing a corporate-wide inventory of their greenhouse gas emissions based on a quality management system, setting aggressive reduction goals, and annually reporting their progress to EPA. Through program participation, companies create a credible record of their accomplishments and receive EPA recognition as corporate environmental leaders.


- 2003: Completion of a brand new 400,000 square foot facility in Walls, MS with state of the art systems, recycling, reduced power  

    requirements and improved heating and air conditioning efficiencies such as an innovative reflective roof.

- 2005: Began the evolution from complete use of virgin polyester for our fiberfill to recycled bottle flake.

   Replaced the Carson, CA. facility roof with energy saving reflective materials.
2006: Completed the fiberfill transition. 100 percent of Brentwood's pillows filled with recycled polyester fibers.
2007: Initiated the replacement of lighting in the Carson, CA and Youngstown, OH. facility from high
    intensity but high energy usage halide lighting to third generation fluorescent lighting.

2008: Completed the lighting replacements in these facilities and initiated a multitude of recycling
    of a variety of waste products throughout our 1,000,000 square feet of facilities.

2009: Initiated the tracking and measurement of our Carbon Footprint in partnership with Carbon Partner Engineering & Science, Inc.
    Initiated the replacement of older halide lighting with 3G fluorescent at Walls, MS
    Adopted a Sustainability "Mission Statement".

2009: Base year for measurement of our carbon footprint by engineering firm Carbon Partners of El Segundo, CA

- 2010: Joined the EPA's Climate Leaders Small Business Alliance, which required a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint over a five

    year span.

    Replaced all plumbing in Carson, CA. and Youngstown, OH. facilities with new low flow toilets.
    Participated in an EPA sanctioned "beta" test of a vendor sourcing software program called "Earthster"
    Installed 20 new polyester blowing machines to improve efficiency of filling while simultaneously reducing energy consumption
    by utilizing the latest in electronic motors and variable speed technology.
    Completed the replacement of all lighting in Walls, MS. All three plants now completely fluorescent energy efficient.
     Brentwood is committed to continue on the path of practical applications of sustainable practices.
     We are proud of our accomplishments, but acknowledge that this is a job that is never done.

2010: Filing of Carbon Partner report on June 18th, 2010.

2012: Brentwood awarded a $58,000 rebate for energy conservation by Ohio Edison for the Youngstown plant.

2012: Installed additional opener/blowing machines to replace older Ormonts at all three facilities.

2013: As of March 31st, from a base in 2009, Brentwood increased our annual units shipped through the plants by 5.5% while lowering our

    utility bills by 22%. Our average energy cost per unit dropped by 23%.

2013: Brentwood takes possession of a 150,000 square foot addition to our California headquarters. This helps to  consolidate our buildings     and transportation needs. The new facility has motion detection lighting covering the entire 150,000 square feet.

- 2013/2014: New roof scheduled to be installed on new facility in California to enhance the energy conservation. 

- 2014: Tracking electricity usage through 2013 from our base year of 2008.  Kilowatt per hour (KWH) usage was reduced 14.2% while the    dollar cost was reduced 17.9%. This was achieved despite an Increase in units shipped of 12%. More  units shipped with less KWH usage!

- 2015: New solar reflective roof installed on building #1 in our Carson compound of three buildings.

- 2015: Brentwood introduced a reprocessed denim collection to take advantage of post industrial waste, which otherwise would have gone to landfills, and turn it into decorative pillows. As environmental stewardship becomes more of a central focus for all of us, new ways to incorporate what was once waste into useable consumer products helps us create a more sustainable environment.

- 2017: New Solar reflective roof installed at our 330,000 square foot Youngstown plant. 

- 2017: Brentwood begins marketing outdoor pillows with recylced fabric utilized in the covers. So not only the fill is recycled, but the cover itself. Recycling of polyester in the home textiles supply chain is gaining steam and makes for a wonderful product while providing opportunities to recycle used fibers and waste. 

- 2019: Brentwood is now offering OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification on product where applicable. This insures compliance to established standards throughout the textile value chain.


- 2019: Brentwood, an early innovator in developing outdoor fashion pillows in India, has now transitioned to 100% recycled PET in its outdoor polyester product in India.