Brentwood has a rich heritage dating back to its founding in 1958, sourcing goods from around the world since day one. We maintain outstanding relationships with our employees, and this is manifested through our large number of long-time employees in both the factories as well as management. Our people are what make us successful and we are proud of the continuity and perspective that comes from having long term employees. We are proud to share them with you in the photos included on this site.

Also unique to Brentwood are our facilities, comprising over a million square feet of manufacturing / warehouse / distribution space, the majority of it owned by the company. Our three regional facilities provide concrete savings in shipping and freight to our national customers and expedite the arrival of our goods to increase turn. Our investment in conveyors, new blowing equipment, sustainable lighting and alternate energy saving efforts can be seen in the slideshow.

Investment in our plant and equipment, and in our people, are key to our success.