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Transparency in Supply Chain



Brentwood Originals is committed to providing and supporting safe, fair and humane working and labor conditions throughout its supply chain.  To that end, Brentwood has drafted and enforces its Supplier Code of Conduct (CoC) to which Brentwood audits its factories to ensure, not only fair wages and working hours, but also to enforce the Brentwood’s zero tolerance policy with regarding to involuntary working conditions. 


Brentwood’s comprehensive Code of Conduct strictly prohibits involuntary labor and specifies that “[w]orkers shall not be subject to forced, involuntary, illegal prison, debt-bonded, indentured, or slave labor practices or trafficking in persons.  All workers shall be in possession or have direct access to their personal identity documents and must be guaranteed freedom of movement.  Overtime work shall be voluntary and no mandatory overtime is allowed unless local law permits otherwise.”


Each factory receives a copy of the Brentwood CoC and acknowledges its receipt and understanding of the requirements which extend to all factory resources utilized in the production of Brentwood product.  Factories understand that acceptance of these policies include, at minimum, annual semi-announced factory inspections conducted by a 3rd part audit firm.  Factories acknowledge that any egregious findings during inspection may result in more frequent audits and that zero tolerance findings will result in termination of the working relationship. 


Brentwood provides 3rd party training to management and employees directly responsible for supply chain management in mitigating risk within the supply chain to ensure its products are sourced legally and ethically.  Brentwood also conducts, at minimum, a quarterly physical evaluation of the factories it utilizes to ensure their business practices are in accordance with the Brentwood CoC.  These regular monitoring visits include onsite inspections of working conditions and meetings with and training for factory management regarding all areas covered in the CoC including forced, involuntary, illegal prison, debt-bonded, indentured, or slave labor practices or human trafficking.  Records of these regular monitoring visits maintained at Brentwood’s Corporate offices and include detailed checklists and photos.


Brentwood takes pride in working with only the best within our supply chain and believes that a superior product results from good manufacturing practices and exemplary treatment of our most valuable resources – our people.




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